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Available Puppies

Our F1B Mini Bernedoodles and our F1 Standard Goldendoodles are ready for their fur-ever homes!

Pricing for all of our pups can be found below!

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AKC Limited Registration Poodles :

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Transportation for your puppy

We have our own flight nannies that will accompany your puppy on a flight and safely deliver your new puppy with as little stress on him/her. You pay the flight nanny directly upon the delivery of your puppy to you at your nearest airport.

Cost: $500 plus the costs of the return flight and puppy fare.

What do I get when I purchase a Tutu Cute Doodle?

You get a beautiful healthy puppy that is not only genetically healthy but fully evaluated for temperament. We spend a great deal of time during critical development times to test startle recovery, nerve strength, and confidence. You can be assured that your puppy has been socialized by a lot of handling, love, and exposure to common household sounds, smells, and other dogs.

In addition, you will receive in your puppy take-home packs:

Upcoming litters


Rosie & Ares

Rosie and Ares are due to have Goldendoodles in late June!

Rosie is our sweet red poodle, and Ares is a gorgeous Golden Retriever. We are so excited by this pairing, both parents are absolutely gorgeous and they have incredible temperaments. 

Poppy and her mom, Catherine

Poppy & Murphy

At the end of July, we expect medium F1B Bernedoodles in a litter with Poppy and Murphy.  Murphy an F1 Bernedoodle and Mom Poppy is our beloved poodle who has had 2 prior litters of gorgeous Goldendoodles and a prior litter with Murphy.


Later this year we expect standard Bernedoodles, standard Goldendoodles, micro Aussiedoodles, and mini Goldendoodles, mini Labradoodles, Cavapoos, and mini Poodles.

All our dogs are health tested. If you would like to see their records, please use the contact form below to email us and we happily send them to you!


Abby & Georgie

In Late June, we are expecting gorgeous medium-sized Goldendoodles from Abby and Georgie. Abby is an F1 Goldendoodle. Georgie is an F1b Goldendoodle.
This litter will be cream, apricot, and red. So exciting!

Tampa Bay Area, Florida

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