Flight Nanny Service

Flight Nanny Service

We can bring your new friend to you!

Transportation for your puppy

Tutu Cute Doodles personal puppy delivery 

We will gladly quote for personal delivery of your precious Tutu Cute Puppy. How does this work and how are the rates based?

One of our trained staff will travel with your puppy, making sure its needs are met and it is well taken care of during the journey to you.
We fly from Tampa with your pup in the cabin with us. We never put a puppy in cargo.
We know how to safely allow the puppy out for potty breaks without the risk of exposing it to such viruses as Parvo.

We then meet you at the baggage claim. We hand over your puppy in its carrier, and only then is the balance paid.

How are the delivery charges worked out?

The airline charges to take the puppy on the plane. Even cute puppies don’t fly free!

Cost of the flight nanny service is $325 plus roundtrip airfare

  • One-way fare for the puppy is $125
  • Airline-approved puppy carrier is $50
  • $100 to the staff member for the day’s work
  • $50 stipend. $25 will go towards the day’s parking rate at Tampa International Airport, and the rest covers tolls and refreshments when traveling.
  • Round trip airline fare for our staff member. We search for the cheapest fare during regular business hours. No red eyes, as the staff might have to work the following day and we need to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to take care of our puppies here at home. It also has to be a return flight that allows enough time for our staff member to answer all your questions, complete the paperwork, plus get back through security on time. 

You can be well assured that your puppy will arrive well taken care of. We know exactly how to handle and soothe a puppy during what can be a stressful adventure! 

**Please note, a $500 non-refundable deposit must be placed on your puppy and all travel costs listed above paid prior to departure.
Travel Nanny services may be paid via Cash App or Venmo.

If for any reason the customer does not show up at the airport to collect the puppy at the agreed-upon time and the puppy has to travel back on the airline, the puppy deposit will be forfeited. 

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