Deposit Policy

Please read prior to submitting your puppy application

All sales are final and deposit is non-refundable!

Should what you are looking for not be available then the buyer has the following options:


§  Select a different puppy from a different litter

§  Select the opposite gender

§  Select a different breed

§  Wait for the next litter of the same breed


If a deposit is made before the litter is born, the deposit may be transferred to a puppy in the very next litter available if:

§  There is not a puppy in the current litter of buyers’ liking

§ A puppy is not available for some reason

 Deposits are only transferable until the selected puppy is six weeks of age. If the buyer decides against the purchase after that point, the deposit is no longer valid and will not be returned.

Deposit may be made in cash or through CashApp. If you’d like to pay through Cashapp, I will send you my ID.
If you don’t have Cashapp, I’ll send you an invite with my ID attached.


It is the buyers’ responsibility to let the seller know their puppy preferences, if any.


Tutu Cute Doodles reserves the right to “First” pick from each litter if so desired, even when deposits are made.


Once the puppies are born, all buyers will be notified when it is their turn to make their puppy selection. They will have 24 hours from the notice to select their puppy from what is available.