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Every Dog Deserves a Forever-Loving Home

Available guardianship dogs & puppies

From time to time we have both dogs and puppies available to guardianship homes. Not everyone has the time for raising a puppy, and then an older dog just out of the puppy stage is a better fit.

Current Guardian Dogs

Guardian Home Program

At Tutu Cute Doodles, we believe that every dog deserves a forever-loving home. Our dogs are all pets that are a very important part of our lives. Each of our dogs deserves only the best care, and loads of attention, so we have introduced a Guardianship Home Program. A Guardian Home is a permanent loving home for one of our males or females.

By becoming a guardian to one of our dogs you get the opportunity of having one of our pick of the litters. You do not pay for this puppy, you get to take the puppy at 8 weeks when its siblings go to their forever homes. Tutu Cute Doodles retains all breeding rights (up to 4 litters for females, or 4 years from male maturity for our stud dogs).

Once retired he/she will be spayed/neutered at our cost and returned to you.

As a guardian, you will be responsible for all costs of food, vet care, grooming, and training costs as well as any other cost that might arise. The breeder will pay for costs associated with breeding.

Our guardian dogs must be indoor dogs. You must either own your own home or have permission to have pets. 

Never leave the dog off-leash. No dog parks allowed.

Must be willing to provide photos of your beloved pup.

They must be fed premium food.

All other dogs in the house MUST be fixed if they are of the opposite sex. You must be willing to let us, the breeder visit your home.

If you have to move out of the area, you understand that the dog must either be given back to us, or you must make arrangements to have the dog transported back to us for breeding.

Contact Tutu Cute Doodles in the event of a serious illness or accident.

You must let us know when a female dog has her heat cycles. All vet care should be shared with the breeder. Make sure that the vet knows that this is a dog intended to be bred, so he knows what medications to prescribe. Dogs must be kept on flea and tick medication and heartworm, and be up to date with all vaccinations.

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