Guardian Application

At  Tutu Cute Doodles, we believe that every dog deserves a forever loving home. Our dogs are all pets that are a very important part of our lives. Each of our dogs deserves only the best care, and loads of attention, so we have introduced a Guardianship Home Program. A Guardian Home is a permanent loving home for one of our males or females.

By becoming a guardian to one of our dogs, Tutu Cute Doodles retains all breeding rights (up to 4 litters for females, or 4 years from maturity for our stud dogs). The guardian home program is an excellent situation for the dog, it’s a great deal for guardian parents, and is ideal for producing exceptional dogs in a breeding program. It is one of those “win – win” situations for everyone involved.

Please read full details of what is involved with being a guardian home for a dog with Tutu Cute Doodles.