From Breeders to New Homes: Getting Your Home Ready for a Puppy

As a professional dog breeder, I am often asked what it takes to get a home ready for the arrival of an adorable and energetic young pup. After years of helping new pet owners make their homes a haven for their new four-legged family members, I wanted to share my top tips from the breeder’s perspective.  There’s nothing quite like the love and companionship that a dog provides, which is why I consider this endeavor one of the most rewarding journeys.

Create a designated space for your pup

Your new pet will likely be “pawsitively” overwhelmed with excitement and curiosity as they explore their new surroundings. Giving your puppy a designated space in your home, such as a cozy corner with a comfortable bed and their favorite toys, will provide them with a sense of safety and stability that will ease their transition. Did you know that dog bed manufacturers are incorporating therapeutic materials, such as memory foam, to provide better support for your furry friend?

Puppy-proof your home

Just like baby-proofing for a toddler, preparing your home for a puppy involves securing any potential hazards. In addition to tucking away cords and electrical wires, store cleaning supplies, medications, and any small objects that could be a choking hazard out of reach. Puppies have an incredible sense of smell – 10,000 times more powerful than humans, making their ability to sniff out trouble (or, in their minds, lots of fun!) quite tempting!

Invest in essential dog supplies

Before your new puppy arrives, make sure you have all the necessary items handy and accessible. Key supplies include a food and water bowl, quality dog food, grooming tools, a crate, training toold (puppy pads, leashe and collar, etc.) and plenty of toys to keep them entertained. Being prepared will ease any potential stress, making for a better bonding experience with your new pup.

Set boundaries early on

Develop a clear understanding of your house rules from the very beginning. Decide on the areas of the house that will be off-limits to your puppy and use baby gates to enforce those boundaries. Consistency is essential for ensuring that your furry friend fully understands the dos and don’ts of their new environment.

Connect with a veterinarian

Establishing a relationship with a trusted veterinarian right away is essential for setting your puppy on a path to good health. Schedule a check-up shortly after their arrival to assess their health, and begin vaccinations.

Bringing a puppy into your home will surely bring much love and joy, but remember that it is also a responsibility. By taking the time to prepare your home and setting routines, you’ll create a loving environment for your new companion to thrive. As you embark on this adventure, take a page from the dog breeder’s book and be prepared for pup snuggles, wagging tails, and a love like no other. Your home, and your heart, will never be the same again.

Caroline Browning
Caroline Browning

I take a completely holistic approach to my program. None of my dogs will ever be kept in kennels. They are beloved pets and have forever homes. We take our dogs everywhere, and they are a huge part of the family.

Many thanks!

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