AKC registered standard poodle
Estimated adult weight: 50 lbs
Dam: Gracie
Sire: Oliver
Gender: Male
DOB: 2/24/23
Color: Black phantom female

Newborn description

" Looking for a new furry family member to love and cherish? Meet Zara - our newborn female black phantom abstract standard poodle puppy. Zara may be small, but she is already bursting with personality and charm. Her striking black coat with beautiful white markings is sure to turn heads, and her playful and affectionate nature is sure to win hearts. As she grows, Zara will become an intelligent and loyal companion, making her the perfect addition to any family. And because she comes from a loving home and will be well-cared for during her early weeks, she's sure to be a healthy and happy puppy. Don't miss out on the chance to watch Zara grow and become a beloved member of your family. Contact us today to learn more about this adorable little one and to reserve her for your home. With her irresistible charm and unique beauty, Zara is sure to be a treasured member of your family for years to come."

Puppy description

" Looking for a sweet and spunky companion to brighten up your life? Meet Zara - our female black phantom abstract standard poodle puppy! Zara is a stunning example of her breed, with a unique black coat accented by white abstract markings. But she's more than just a pretty face - she's also smart, friendly, and full of energy. Zara loves to play, whether it's chasing after a ball or romping around in the backyard, and she's always up for an adventure. But don't let her playful nature fool you - Zara is also a quick learner and eager to please. With her intelligence and trainability, she'll make an excellent companion for anyone looking for a loyal and well-behaved pet. Zara comes from a loving home and has been well-socialized with people and other dogs, so she's sure to be a great fit in any family. And with her affectionate nature and boundless energy, she's sure to win your heart in no time."