Estimated adult weight: 20 lbs
Dam: Libby
Sire: Biscuit
Gender: Female
DOB: 2/24/23
Color: Red and white

Newborn description

Puppy description

Victoria is a mini-Labradoodle puppy who would be an adorable and lovable companion, sure to capture the hearts of anyone who meets her. This sweet-natured apricot-colored mini-Labradoodle puppy is an adorable sight to behold. Her soft, fluffy fur is a warm shade of peachy-orange. Her curly coat is soft to the touch and bounces as she moves. With her wide-set, expressive brown eyes and floppy ears, this puppy exudes irresistible charm and playfulness. Her nose is a cute, shiny black button, and her tongue often peeks out as she pants excitedly. Despite her small size, this mini-Labradoodle puppy has a confident and curious demeanor. She loves to explore its surroundings and investigate everything in her path. Her tail wags constantly, and she is always eager to play and interact with her human companions.