Mini Bernedoodle
Estimated adult weight: 35-40 lbs
Dam: Mabel
Sire: Oliver
Gender: Female
DOB: 10/17/23
Color: Sable

Go Home Date: 12/16/23

Newborn description

Meet Twinkle, the newest addition to the world of Mini Bernadoodles. With her eyes tightly closed, she's a little bundle of wonder and potential. Twinkle's luscious coat is a beautiful sable hue, hinting at the promise of elegance and grace in the days to come. As she sleeps peacefully, her name perfectly encapsulates the little spark of joy she brings to those around her. Twinkle is a shining star in the making, awaiting the day she'll open her eyes to illuminate the lives of her loving family with boundless love and delight.

Puppy description