AKC Mini-Poodle (Limited registration)
Estimated adult weight: 10-15lbs
Dam: Mini-Muffin
Sire: Biscuit
Gender: Female
Color: Red abstract

Newborn description

Introducing Starbie, the darling miniature poodle that is sure to steal your heart! With a stunning coat of red and abstract markings, Starbie is a petite yet eye-catching pup with a personality to match who is sure to turn heads wherever she goes. Starbie is an affectionate, intelligent and playful dog who will be perfect for apartment living or for families that are looking for a smaller dog that is easy to manage. Whether you are looking for a new best friend or a furry companion to keep you company on your daily adventures, Starbie is the perfect choice. With her striking coat, friendly personality, deep loyalty, and irresistible charm, she is sure to bring joy and happiness to your life every day.

Puppy description

She is eager to play fetch or run around the park with her favorite humans, and yet, she loves nothing more than snuggling up with her humans at the end of a long day. She is a smart pup who is quick to learn new tricks and commands and a natural at socializing with both people and other dogs.So why wait? Come meet Starbie today and discover the magic of this wonderful miniature poodle!