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Standard Poodle
Estimated adult weight: 45-55 lbs
Dam: Trinity
Sire: Oliver
Gender: Female
DOB: 5/19/23
Color: Phantom female

Newborn description

Skittle, the adorable newborn female poodle puppy, possesses a delightful personality that shines through even at such a young age. From the moment you hold her in your arms, it's evident that she exudes a playful and spirited nature that sets her apart. Skittle's tiny body is full of energy and enthusiasm, radiating a contagious joy that captivates those around her. Despite her tender age, Skittle displays a natural curiosity and adventurous spirit. She is always eager to explore her surroundings, sniffing and investigating every nook and cranny. Skittle's tail wags with excitement as she discovers new scents and textures, her inquisitive nature leading her on mini-adventures. Her playful and inquisitive disposition hints at a future filled with endless exploration and discovery. Skittle's playful spirit is matched by her affectionate nature. She thrives on human connection and eagerly seeks out affectionate interactions. Skittle delights in being held, cuddled, and showered with love. Already she shows a deep yearning for companionship, and she eagerly reciprocates the love and attention she receives. Skittle's presence brings warmth and happiness, as if she understands the profound connection she shares with her human companions. Despite her small size, Skittle already exhibits a remarkable intelligence and curiosity. She is quick to engage with her littermates and shows a natural inclination to learn and explore. Skittle's eagerness to understand the world around her is both endearing and promising. Her ability to absorb new experiences and concepts at such a young age suggests that she will grow into a clever and adaptable companion. With her playful and affectionate personality, Skittle is destined to become a beloved member of any family. Whether it's engaging in playful romps or snuggling up for quiet moments of bonding, Skittle's presence is sure to bring joy and laughter. As she continues to grow and develop, her endearing personality will only deepen, solidifying her place as a cherished companion and source of boundless love and happiness.

Puppy description