Mini Aussiedoodle
Estimated adult weight: 10-12lbs
Dam: Hailey
Sire: Oliver
Gender: Male
DOB: 5/1/23
Color: Black phantom abstract

Newborn description

Sapphire is a magnificent black phantom abstract miniature Aussie Doodle who is as intelligent as she is beautiful. Her coat’s striking combination of black and white makes her the envy of the crowd. Overall, Sapphire is an exceptional companion who embodies the best qualities of both the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle breeds. Her striking appearance, intelligence, and loving nature will make her a loyal and cherished member of any family.

Puppy description

Sapphire is an eager learner who loves exploring the world around her, and her playful nature makes her a joy to be around. She loves to engage in games and activities that challenge her mind and body, and she is always up for a playdate or a trip to the park. Sapphire is a loyal and affectionate companion who enjoys spending time with her human family.