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Mini Bernedoodle
Estimated adult weight: 25-35lbs
Dam: Poppy
Sire: Murphy
Gender: Male
DOB: 5/23/2023
Color: Tri phantom abstract male

Newborn description

Introducing Santiago, a delightful newborn F1b Mini Bernedoodle who entered the world on May 23rd. Named after the Chilean city, Santiago brings a sense of adventure and charm that captivates all who meet him. Santiago's arrival heralds a new chapter filled with joy and excitement. As a male puppy, he exudes a playful and energetic nature that is characteristic of his breed. His small yet sturdy frame reflects a spirit of strength and resilience, even at such a young age. From the moment Santiago takes his first steps, it is clear that he possesses a natural curiosity that knows no bounds. With an insatiable thirst for exploration, he eagerly immerses himself in the world around him, discovering new sights, sounds, and smells with an infectious enthusiasm. Every experience becomes a delightful adventure as he embraces the wonders that life has to offer. Beneath his charming exterior lies an intelligence and eagerness to learn. Being an F1b Mini Bernedoodle, Santiago inherits a sharp mind and a strong desire to please. He eagerly absorbs new knowledge and responds eagerly to training, showcasing his cleverness and agility as he strives to impress his human companions. As Santiago grows, he will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the lives of those fortunate enough to know him. His playful nature and unwavering loyalty will forge deep connections and create cherished memories. Whether engaging in lively play or seeking cuddles and affection, Santiago will become an integral part of his family, enriching their lives with his unconditional love and unwavering companionship. With his May 23rd birthday marking the beginning of his extraordinary journey, Santiago is poised to embrace life's adventures and share his infectious joy with all who cross his path. Named after the vibrant city that inspires a sense of passion and excitement, Santiago, the adorable F1b Mini Bernedoodle, is destined to bring endless happiness, unwavering devotion, and boundless affection to his fortunate family.

Puppy description