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Standard Goldendoodle
Estimated adult weight: 35-45 lbs
Dam: Maisie
Sire: Oliver
Gender: Female
DOB: 6/9/23
Color: Black parti female

Newborn description

Puppy description

Rey, the medium Goldendoodle puppy, is a captivating bundle of joy with a striking black parti coat that sets her apart from the crowd. Her sleek and shiny fur is adorned with a mesmerizing tapestry of deep ebony black and contrasting patches of bright, lustrous white. With every step Rey takes, her coat showcases a stunning play of light and dark, creating an artistic symphony that catches the eye of all who cross her path. Her black parti markings form a unique and eye-catching pattern, accentuating her regal appearance and giving her an air of elegance and sophistication. Rey's endearing charm is only further enhanced by her expressive eyes, which shimmer with intelligence and warmth. Behind those dark, soulful orbs lies a curious spirit, always ready for new adventures and discoveries. Her eyes reflect a gentle and loving nature, inviting you to share in her excitement and enthusiasm for life. As a medium-sized Goldendoodle, Rey possesses a perfect balance of agility and grace. Her athletic build and sturdy frame make her an excellent companion for outdoor activities and playful romps in the park. Whether chasing a ball, exploring nature, or simply enjoying a leisurely walk by your side, Rey's energy and zest for life will brighten every moment. The touch of Rey's soft, velvety fur is a delight to experience. Its smooth texture beckons for gentle strokes and cuddles, providing comfort and warmth to those fortunate enough to hold her. Her coat is not only aesthetically pleasing but also serves as a reminder of her gentle and loving nature, always ready to offer a calming presence and unwavering affection. Rey's intelligence and eagerness to please make her an ideal candidate for training and learning new commands. Her sharp mind and quick wit ensure that she grasps concepts effortlessly, making her an excellent companion for both novice and experienced dog owners alike. Rey's loyalty knows no bounds, and she will remain steadfastly devoted to you, providing companionship and unwavering support throughout her life. In Rey, you'll find a delightful Goldendoodle puppy who embodies both beauty and personality. Her captivating black parti coat, coupled with her loving and playful disposition, makes her an exceptional companion ready to embark on a lifelong journey of love, laughter, and adventure by your side.