Mini Cavapoo

Estimated adult weight: 10lbs

Dam: Lucy

Sire: Chip

Gender: Female

DOB: 8/6/23

Color: Cream

Newborn description

Allow me to introduce Marlin, an endearing male mini Cavapoo puppy who emanates pure charm. In this early stage of his life, Marlin showcases a handsome cream-colored coat that speaks of comfort and coziness. His closed eyes add an extra layer of allure, radiating innocence and a gentle spirit. Marlin is the epitome of cuteness, boasting a compact size and a velvety fur coat adorned with shades of cream that exude a sense of elegance. Every inch of his small frame, from his dainty paws to his winsome facial features, is a testament to the beauty of new beginnings that warms the heart. With his eyes sealed in peaceful slumber, Marlin seems to hold the promise of a world ready to be explored. As he dreams, his little body rises and falls with each breath, embodying the potential for adventures yet to come. While his closed eyes have yet to witness the world around him, Marlin's presence alone evokes a feeling of tenderness and curiosity in those who have the pleasure of meeting him. In the days that lie ahead, as his eyes gradually open and he takes his initial steps into the world, Marlin's undeniable charm and captivating nature will only continue to flourish, leaving an enchanting impression on all who cross his path.

Puppy description