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Standard Goldendoodle
Estimated adult weight: 35-45 lbs
Dam: Maisie
Sire: Oliver
Gender: Male
DOB: 6/9/23
Color: Brown parti male

Newborn description

Puppy description

Luke, the male medium Goldendoodle puppy, is a delightful canine companion with an irresistible charm and a captivating coat. Cloaked in a rich and enchanting brown parti coloration, Luke's appearance exudes a perfect balance of warmth, elegance, and playfulness. His luxurious fur showcases a magnificent blend of earthy tones that create a tapestry of delight. Shades of deep chocolate, warm chestnut, and hints of golden caramel intermingle in a harmonious symphony of color, accentuated by the distinctive parti markings. Patches of contrasting hues adorn Luke's coat, forming a captivating mosaic that adds depth and character to his overall appearance. Luke's eyes, as radiant as the sun-kissed earth, sparkle with intelligence and gentleness. They are a warm and inviting shade of amber, filled with a curious and friendly gleam that instantly draws you in. With every gaze, Luke's eyes convey a profound understanding and an unwavering devotion that will melt your heart and forge an unbreakable bond. Despite his medium size, Luke possesses a sprightly and playful disposition. He moves with a graceful agility that makes him equally at home both indoors and outdoors. His soft and wavy fur invites gentle strokes and caresses, a testament to his gentle and affectionate nature, while his contagious energy encourages lively playtime and memorable adventures. Luke's intelligence and eager-to-please personality make him a joy to train and teach new tricks. With his quick wit and willingness to learn, he is an enthusiastic student who thrives on mental stimulation and positive reinforcement. Whether it's mastering basic commands or engaging in advanced activities, Luke's dedication and intelligence shine through, making him an exceptional companion. In Luke, you'll find a loyal and devoted friend who will fill your life with love, joy, and unwavering companionship. His playful spirit and zest for life ensure that every moment spent together is brimming with laughter and happiness. Whether you're embarking on outdoor explorations or enjoying cozy moments of relaxation, Luke's presence will bring warmth and a sense of adventure to your life. As Luke matures from an adorable puppy into a majestic adult, his brown parti coat will continue to captivate hearts and turn heads. His striking appearance, combined with his affectionate nature, makes Luke a true gem among Goldendoodles—a cherished companion ready to embark on a lifelong journey of love, loyalty, and shared memories.