Mini Goldendoodle
Estimated adult weight: 20-25 lbs
Dam: Honey
Sire: Chip
Gender: Female
DOB: 8/14/23
Color: Apricot

Newborn description

Introducing Emma, a mini Goldendoodle with an apricot coat as soft as morning's first light. With closed eyes, she exudes innocence and the promise of a new beginning. Her fur, a canvas of apricot shades, gives a glimpse into the personality she'll soon share. Resting in tranquil slumber, Emma's tiny frame rises and falls, her paws occasionally twitching with dreams. Closed eyes hold the anticipation of a world waiting to be discovered. Emma's closed eyes symbolize the beauty of what's to come. When they open, a world of play and companionship will unfold. But for now, they remind us to treasure these moments as Emma evolves into a cherished friend, leaving paw prints on our hearts.

Puppy description

Introducing Emma, an enchanting mini Golden Doodle with a lovely apricot-colored coat. While she may be petite now, Emma is destined to grow into a perfectly-sized companion, estimated to reach a dainty 20-25 lbs when fully grown. Her soft, fluffy fur is as inviting as her gentle personality. Emma's affectionate nature and petite stature make her the ideal addition to any family. With her, you'll enjoy a lifetime of love, playfulness, and unforgettable moments.