Mini Goldendoodle
Estimated adult weight: 20-25 lbs
Dam: Honey
Sire: Chip
Gender: Female
DOB: 8/14/23
Color: Cream

Newborn description

Elizabeth, a mini Goldendoodle, embodies grace in creamy hues with closed eyes. Her coat, a canvas of cream, holds untold tales. As she rests, Elizabeth's form rises and falls, occasional twitches weaving dreams behind closed eyes. Elizabeth's closed eyes promise forthcoming adventures. When they open, a world of play and companionship emerges. For now, they remind us to treasure these moments, as Elizabeth evolves into a beloved companion, leaving lasting imprints on our hearts.

Puppy description

Meet Elizabeth, a charming and elegant female mini Golden Doodle with a luscious cream-colored coat that exudes warmth and sophistication. Her gentle and friendly nature shines through her soft fur, making her an instant favorite among those she meets. Elizabeth's affectionate personality and beautiful appearance make her the perfect companion, ready to bring joy and love into your life. With every wag of her tail, Elizabeth's boundless happiness and devotion are sure to brighten your days.