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Standard Poodle
Estimated adult weight: 45-55 lbs
Dam: Trinity
Sire: Oliver
Gender: Female
DOB: 5/19/23
Color: Sable female

Newborn description

Dot, the adorable newborn female poodle puppy, possesses a charming and captivating personality that shines through even at her young age. From the moment you cradle her in your arms, it's clear that she exudes a gentle and affectionate nature that sets her apart. Dot's tiny body emanates warmth and tenderness, as if she knows how to bring comfort and joy to those around her. Despite her limited experience, Dot already displays a remarkable sense of curiosity and intelligence. She eagerly explores her immediate environment, using her tiny paws to navigate and discover. Dot's inquisitive nature is evident in the way she sniffs and investigates her surroundings, her tail wagging with excitement at each new discovery. Her insatiable curiosity hints at a future filled with endless learning and growth. Dot's gentle and loving disposition is evident in her interactions with others. She seeks human connection and eagerly responds to gentle touches and affectionate gestures. Dot delights in being held and cuddled, basking in the warmth and comfort of loving arms. She lovingly nudges her way into your warm human hands as if she understands the profound bond that can be forged between humans and animals. Despite her small size, Dot exhibits a surprising amount of empathy and sensitivity. She seems attuned to the emotions of those around her, offering solace and comfort with her gentle presence. Dot has a knack for providing comfort during times of distress, bringing a sense of calmness and serenity to those in need. Her capacity for empathy and understanding makes her a cherished companion and a source of support. With her gentle and inquisitive personality, Dot is sure to bring immeasurable joy and love to any family. Whether it's engaging in gentle play or providing a comforting presence, Dot's presence is certain to brighten each day. As she continues to grow and develop, her endearing personality will only deepen, solidifying her role as a treasured companion and a beacon of love and happiness.

Puppy description