AKC Mini-Poodle (Limited registration)
Estimated adult weight: 10-15lbs
Dam: Mini-Muffin
Sire: Biscuit
Gender: Male
Color: Red abstract

Newborn description

Introducing Donald, a handsome red abstract male miniature poodle with a striking appearance. His coat boasts a gorgeous blend of red and white, making him stand out from the crowd.Overall, Donald is a true gem of a companion. His charming personality, intelligence, and good looks make him a joy to be around, and he will undoubtedly bring endless love and happiness to his lucky owner.

Puppy description

Despite his small size, Donald has a big personality and boundless energy. He loves nothing more than playing and running around in the yard, and his enthusiasm is contagious. He also enjoys snuggling up with his human, showing off his affectionate nature. He thrives on challenges and loves to impress his human with his newfound skills.