Mini Goldendoodle
Estimated adult weight: 20-25 lbs
Dam: Honey
Sire: Chip
Gender: Male
DOB: 8/14/23
Color: Cream

Newborn description

Introducing Darcy, an endearing male Goldendoodle with a coat as creamy and soft as a cloud. At this tender stage of life, his closed eyes only add to his irresistibly innocent charm. His fur is a gentle canvas of pale cream, promising a future of warmth and companionship. The day will come when his eyes open, and he'll behold a universe filled with wonder and new experiences. Until then, his closed eyes remind us of the fleeting nature of puppyhood and the simple joys found in watching a young life unfold, one dream at a time.

Puppy description

Introducing Darcy, an endearing mini Golden Doodle with a soft, creamy-colored coat that exudes elegance and charm. Darcy, despite his petite frame, is destined to bring joy to your life as he grows to a charming 20-25 lbs when fully grown. His fluffy fur is as inviting as his friendly and affectionate nature. Darcy's gentle presence and loving disposition make him a perfect addition to any home. With Darcy as your loyal companion, you'll experience a lifetime of happiness, companionship, and cherished moments that will warm your heart.