Mini Cavapoo

Estimated adult weight: 10lbs

Dam: Lucy

Sire: Chip

Gender: Male

DOB: 8/6/23

Color: Cream

Newborn description

Meet Crush, the utterly charming male mini Cavapoo puppy. At this early stage of his life, Crush is a mesmerizing vision, wrapped in a velvety cream-colored coat that exudes warmth and comfort. With his eyes gently closed in slumber, he radiates an air of serenity and innocence that's impossible to resist. Crush embodies the perfect blend of cuteness and elegance, showcasing his petite size and a pristine fur coat adorned with creamy hues. From his delicate paws to his tiny button nose, every aspect of his miniature form exudes a sense of wonder, embodying the magic of new beginnings. With closed eyes, Crush is like a canvas of dreams yet to unfold, his soft body rising and falling with each tranquil breath. His presence carries a promise of adventures awaiting him as he grows and explores the world around him. While his eyes remain sealed, Crush's mere presence evokes a sense of tenderness and curiosity in those fortunate enough to encounter him. As his eyes eventually open and he takes his first steps into a world of light and discovery, Crush's undeniable charm and captivating nature will continue to blossom, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who are drawn into his orbit.

Puppy description