Mini Goldendoodle
Estimated adult weight: 20-25 lbs
Dam: Honey
Sire: Chip
Gender: Male
DOB: 8/14/23
Color: Apricot

Newborn description

Meet Collins, an adorable male Goldendoodle with a coat that radiates the soft, warm hues of apricot. His closed eyes lend an air of serenity to his presence, capturing the essence of his peaceful slumber. His fur is a blend of delicate apricot tones, hinting at the vibrancy he will bring to the world once he awakens. As you observe Collins in this tender stage of life, his closed eyes serve as a reminder of the transformative journey he is on. The day will arrive when those eyes open to unveil a world full of discovery and connection. Until then, his closed eyes symbolize the innocence and potential that reside within him, waiting to blossom into a heartwarming companionship that only a Goldendoodle named Collins can offer.

Puppy description

Introducing Collins, an endearing mini Golden Doodle with a beautiful apricot-colored coat. Though he may be petite now, Collins is expected to reach a charming 20-25 lbs when fully grown. His soft, wavy fur is as inviting as his friendly and affectionate personality. Collins' manageable size and loving nature make him a perfect fit for any family or individual looking for a loyal companion. With Collins by your side, you'll enjoy a lifetime filled with warmth, companionship, and cherished moments that will bring joy to your heart.