AKC Mini-Poodle (Limited registration)
Estimated adult weight: 10-15lbs
Dam: Mini-Muffin
Sire: Biscuit
Gender: Male
Color: Red abstract

Newborn description

Meet Cinnabon, a delightful red abstract miniature poodle who radiates joy and charm. With a stunning coat that blends shades of red and white, Cinnabon is a true showstopper, catching the eye of anyone in his presence. Overall, Cinnabon is full of life and has an intelligence that matches his beauty. His playful spirit, intelligence, and loving nature make him a loyal and charming companion who is sure to bring a smile to your face every day.

Puppy description

Cinnabon is a small bundle of joyful energy and loves being around others. As a social butterfly, he adores meeting new people and furry friends alike. His friendly and outgoing nature means that he is always up for a good play session. He also has a curious streak and enjoys exploring the world around him, making every walk an exciting adventure. He is always eager to please and enjoys participating in training and agility classes, impressing everyone with his skills and enthusiasm. At the end of the day, he loves simply cuddling up with his human for a cozy nap.