Candy Cane


Mini Bernedoodle
Estimated adult weight: 35-40 lbs
Dam: Mabel
Sire: Oliver
Gender: Female
DOB: 10/17/23
Color: Sable Parti

Go Home Date: 12/16/23

Newborn description

Meet Candy Cane, an adorable newborn Mini Bernadoodle, and a true confection of sweetness. With her dainty eyes still closed, she's a tiny bundle of wonder and innocence. Candy Cane boasts a delightful sable parti coloring, with rich earthy hues artfully intertwined in her plush fur. Her endearing presence and soft, delicate features make her a heartwarming addition to any loving family. As she peacefully slumbers, she embodies the promise of joy and love that's soon to come as she grows.

Puppy description