Mini Larbradoodle
Estimated adult weight: 20-30 lbs
Dam: Goldie
Sire: Biscuit
Gender: Female
DOB: 9/7/23
Color: Red

Go Home Date: 11/4/23

Go Home Date: 11/4/23

Newborn description

Meet Aquarius, a delightful female mini Labradoodle with a rich, red-colored coat that's as vibrant as her future personality promises to be. In these early days of her life, Aquarius's bright eyes remain gently closed, preserving the mystery of the world around her as she grows and thrives. With each passing moment, she inches closer to the day when she'll open her eyes to the wonders that await. Aquarius's sweet and innocent presence is sure to capture your heart, and she'll soon be a loyal and affectionate companion, ready to bring joy and love into your life.

Puppy description