Guardians of the Goldendoodle: Santa Paws

When we agreed to bring Lilo home there were definitely some moments of panic. Five dogs. FIVE DOGS?? We weren’t always sure this was the best decision. But, with a firm agreement that five is our absolute MAXIMUM number of dogs (so we thought), we brought Lilo home two days before Christmas.

From the moment Stitch laid eyes on her, we knew we’d made the right choice. If you asked him (and if he could talk) he would tell you that Lilo was his Christmas gift that year. As soon as her little paws touched the floor, the two of them became fused together. Wherever Stitch went, Lilo followed. They played together, ate together, and napped together. It’s the bond I’d dreamed would form, but I secretly thought I was crazy for being so optimistic. Now our small dogs get some relief from the giant floof-monster who constantly wants to play, and Stitch has a new floof-goblin to romp around. Thankfully, she could actually keep up with his energy. As for us, we had significantly less space to walk in, constant teeth marks on our arms from puppy needle-teeth, another round of training and housebreaking, and more frequent cleaning requirements. The best part about it: we loved every minute of it. It’s funny how the things you worry about and fear can sometimes be the things that make you feel whole in the end. So we said, “welcome to the family, Lilo. It big, it’s furry, and it’s crazy, but it never lacks in love and happiness.”

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Jennifer Hochman
I've been blessed to work with Tutu Cute Doodles as a guardianship home for Lilo, our Standard F1 Goldendoodle. Along with Lilo, we are parents to her big brother, Stitch, two of her puppies, Scrump and Pudge, and two small rescues, Tiggy and Bella. We round off our family with two bunnies, Sophie and James, and a Congo African grey Parrot named Kasuku. Our home is full of love, laughter, and chaos! We wouldn't have it any other way! - Jennifer

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